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Dr Jjaja Lubaale is the top spiritual healer

Prof Dr.Jjaja Lubaale is the only accredited international spiritual healing doctor who helps people from suffering from various spiritual and natural problems. Counselling men and women after getting hurt from broken relationships or infected with naturally caused problems such as witchcraft, hex, curses, demotions from workplaces, HIV, diseases, illnesses, poverty, misfortunes, domestic problems and much more.

Dr Jjaja Lubaale is a spiritual healer who solves Love which fallen apart, helping those wanting to get rich by the power of the spirits or magic powers. He has helped a lot of people from all over the world and as well cast illusion spells, mixing various herbal portions to tackle whichever problem that has been beyond to be solved or however long-term illnesses it is.

This top spiritual healer efforts and capability focuses on serving with honesty and dignity knowing that the return results must be positive with 100% guarantee. The reason why you should use his services is that He is really the best of all and he gives honest permanent results with the guarantee.

Visited Communities in America Almost Every 2 Percent Of The American Populations Were Helped By This Noble Spiritual Healer And He’s Well Recognized There.
During His Tour With The Purpose Of Healing , He Visited Many Place Such As New York,Chicago,Alabama,California,Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhodes Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming And Many More. As a spiritual healer, Dr Jjaja Lubaale has managed to receive a warm welcome from many people across the global world.

Healing Crusade in UK 1990 During the 1990s, spiritual healing was not so commonly known in the United Kingdom. When Dr Jjaja Lubaale visited London he decided to perform a stage of the spiritual magic crusade, a show which attracted many people of the kingdom. They were amazed to see how best is African healing spiritual power. When performed his magic spiritual powers, he managed to heal most the people immediately, Then the people of United Kingdom land began to recognise him as one of the best spiritual healer ever known on the land.

Total of More than 20 Awards”]1995, Since 1995 Doctor Jjaja Lubaale has won many awards and titles. Voted for the top best spiritual doctor Of The Year in 2000 in Windhoek-Botswana, Best ritualism spiritual healer 2005 Ontario-Canada, Top best traditional healer based in Cape Town-South Africa 2010. And many more. He’s also a proud Winner of the Entire African Council for Traditional healer’s Award for Life-time Achievement and he’s the announced winner for most visited psychic doctor award on African continent according to testimonies. He also won a title of Professor, prophet, Doctor, Priest and all the time best spiritual healer with a lot of spirits many more.

Best Volunteer Clients of This Year

What do they say about Top best spiritual doctor experience ?

Jimmy Jackson

Admin Social Services ( Jamaican republic) "I feel like am betraying you, if I don’t tell the world what you did for me. Who thought that I would ever get my job back as i was suffering from no employment after getting expelled from my job!  and my debts were pilling up, i tried to seek solutions from many healers but without any positive results. I wonder how you managed to sort out my issues within a short time. My employer paid for all my retrenchment packages. Thank you Dr Jjaja Lubaale.You are so powerful, great spiritual doctor. May God protect you so that you can help many others in the future".

Anita Vieira

BEAUTICIAN   LONDON-UK Hi everyone, My Name is Anita Viera  aged 24, I would like to recommend Dr.Jjaja Lubaale to help you as he helped me to succeed. I was suffering from poverty and loss in my business. As a young lady of my age, everything wasn't going on well in my life. I kept on losing money all the time and my relationships were up and down but when i contacted this spiritualist doctor Jjaja Lubaale,he did a reading for me and said it was a misfortune. Then i let him help me do a cleansing for me. Then I began to prosper accordingly. I am now steadily progressing too well. I am so happy with you Professor Jjaja Lubaale keep it up! cheerz

Diana  Rogers


I was crying for money because my husband was on suspension from work and our house was on bond. We had lots of debts to pay. I  prayed all the time to God to help me find solutions to our problems. I later got doctor Jjaja Lubaale on the internet whom I called to help me. Unfortunately, he asked me for money and I said I don't have anything to give. I continued begging him for help. He told me to begin to share his website with other people. Later I got a feeling for playing the lottery and I tried it. Finally, I won $200 million dollars. Then  I knew dr.moosa is the one did it for me. because I did my effort to advertise his work for his ancestors to reward me for it as he says on his websites. I love you, doctor.  God bless you.

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