2 thoughts on “Not all bogus traditional healers, Just read about the better one!

  1. Dr jaja Lubaale has done it again, I read about him on news by helping sever people getting back their lovers, I have a son who was deaf and dump after a serious accident , I was actually doubting if Dr Moosa would help me out, he told me not to worry that I will be happy in the next 48hours, I was curious and was waiting hopefully, he said his going to buy some things in the market and also go on mountain just because of my son, all of a sudden at the middle of the night, my 12yrs old son who has been deaf and dumb for 5yrs now woke me up and said mom I wonna go to the toilet, I jumped up and was so happy, when I tried Dr Lubaale number he said he was in the shrine and still completing his work for me, I shared the testimony with him and he told me to be happy and share it with everyone, Everybody out there in the world, I am a living witness of this, Dr Moosa is a real spell caster and he can help you in any way, here is the contact: dr.lubaale@spiritualdoctor.co.za
    Alberto (Spain)

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