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08 Jul 2017

Dear sir Spiritual Doctor,

Dear spiritual doctor,I am businessman who based in Kempton Park,Johannesburg South Africa, who travels oversea and import clothes but I cannot give account of any one cent saved out of my struggles..always struggling to make ends meat..sometimes after importing CLOTHES I CANNOT SEE ANY BUYER TO BUY FROM ME,SOMETIMES WHEN YOU GET BUYER,THEY WONT EVEN BUY UP TO AMOUNT YOU PURCHASED THEM OVERSEAS..AND EVEN WHEN YOU SELL TO THAT PRICE TO PAY YOU THAT MONEY WILL BE VERY DIFFICULT.

In my shop I cannot be able to sell up to amount to pay my shop rent every month let alone making any savings.due to lack of customers to buy my products in my shop,even when i have stocks they need in my shop but to buy is a problem.I keep hustling but nothing to show for it. I read that you helping people to get money . I’m also interested in hiring Amayembe spirits for making me rich if possible.

I owe people that I can’t be able to pay them because my business is not booming as expected…. I do not know why am suffering when others are getting better benefits out of their efforts into their businesses.

Please I need help to grow in every area of my business so that it will be from Grace to grace… So that I can live the life I have always desired…I will highly appreciate if you can help me in any way possible as you are helping other people i read on internet…

NOTE : But please I’m not interested in anything that will have after effect on me or my family… I read from your article on Google

i believe in you doctor Moosa  and many people always talk about the good services you offer to them. i also want to be among them.


01 May 2017
story to tell about my life

Story bothering in my life

Things were going very well for me
on the I believe it was March 4 2016

A man and a woman they started to trouble me

I thought it was my neighbours speaking to me

I went to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea then the said a name Jamie
and I thought oh I know that name as it was a past friend of mine and I thought it was my neighbour talking to me so I went to hear

Then they lied and said they knew things about because they were the neighbour of a psychic woman I was introduced to Marie was her name the thing about Merie she liked me very much

They said they were her neighbour then after said they was her ghost and tormented me with things about me

Eventually I couldn’t concentrate it went on till about March the 10th 2016 So that I can get away I went into hospital stayed there for a while then came out on April 28th 2016 and they were gone

I tell you this story ,There was some money that I was suppose to get and I told a friend about it that day they came back I believe
It was the 25th October 2016

Since then, I have not been happy,I wake up the start troubling me everything that I do they have something to say about it and they are not nice to me

Is only when I close my eyes that they stop talking

It is now today

I want them gone
I have tried killing myself twice because of this
when they came I believe March 4 2016 there was a day I called someone to kill me  a few days later
The next I wanted to take overdose because they came back 25 October 2016

I must explain
The can see my email
I tap my ear and they try to talk to me

I have tried to get help but these people are not ghost I don’t know who they are I can’t see them
But is a man and a woman

I want them gone and I don’t want to hear them anymore

when i checked on your website i saw that you can help me Dr moosa

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