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16 Nov 2017

We have been voodoo by TJ Deshotle

Voodoo is tormenting Us
Hi my name is Ron Eaglin dob 2-23-1972 my boyfriend of a year is Patrick Layne Kelley dob 11-27-1990
We have been voodoo by TJ Deshotle and she mother to break up we was so in love before TJ sent someone to our house Sunday we got in a bad fight and TJ came got him to go live at his house.
Please remove TJ and everyone and evil he has used on us to break us up and keep them out our lives forever Return Patrick Fast home forever with us both full of love for each other forever that can’t be broken my our sex life amazing and remove all pain we cost each other and make us forget all about them forever please heal us forever and give us the best life we Patrick off meth forever and have a job meth is one thing TJ us to get him there also he made Patrick get back on it to have him for his self. Patrick told last month all he wanted was me his family and mine TJ also made his family hate him please heal us thanks my phone number 346-282-0603 please never let us leave each other side forever.
21 Jan 2017

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