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Need Spiritual Energy? You Are Welcome!

I would love to hear from you!

Apart from offering guidance for spiritual energy, I really have a good heart for helping anyone get out of a bad situation!

Just feel free to copy the email given below or use the phone numbers to contact directly and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. All services are offered 24 hours and 7 days a week. Remember some of the products and spiritual energy healing services may be offered free or charged according to the specifications of its nature and the work required to be done!

Client in America, Canada, Russia, Australia, Europe, or others from overseas will need to confirm that you call me during South Africa daytime only.

Even if you're a regular customer and you just want to visit me. Just Contact me 2 hours before you reach my place for Urgent schedule appointment.

Important Key Note

Appreciate that we have not put just a contact form on this website for the reason that, clients may need to know exactly who the person they're contacting on. There is so many fake information online everywhere but we needed to guide you to make sure who’s contact information you are using on this site and who exactly you are talking to, in order to familiarize with the contacts about receiving spiritual energy and the person you are talking to, regards sending your information.

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Send voice message directly

Note: Import when contacting for help, just begin with mentioning to me where you are inquiring from. Such as your Country|City|Street address| Your Photo may also be required to execute the service.

DIRECTIONS:    2nd floor on the building next to the steers and debonair pizza restaurant entrance.

CONTACT CALL:     ( +27) 783261944

WHATSAPP CHAT:    0027783261944




Office Map Address

100 Voortrekker Road, Good wood
Cape Town
Western Cape 
South Africa, 7460
You can chat with us on WhatsApp, text SMS, MMS, or other social media network sites.

Remember problems do not need waiting ,otherwise it might just get worse or gets out of control while you are just there seated waiting for God's intervention which will never happen so soon or will never happen at all.

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