How could you remove bad luck or bad spirits

How could you remove bad luck or bad spirits

How could you remove bad luck or bad spirits

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Hi, Top spiritual healer,

My name is Olivia XXXXX.  my date of birth is April- XX-XXXX. I am from burns lake in British Columbia Canada. Me and my family mother Linda XXX  father Richard XXXX nephew Landon XXX have been experiencing bad luck. Witchcraft. Evil presence.

We recently went to a psychic and she told us we were surrounded by evil spirits, negativity energy. This was also related to my later brother Anthony Peters death a year ago. He and his late girlfriend told our family they seen an evil spirit or devil it was flying 30 feet in the air and looked at them with an evil smile.

Anthony Peters died after he seen that and his girlfriend died after him, they both seen the evil spirit and we believe it had something to do with their death. We believe there is a woman who lives in our community who is using witchcraft on us. Her name is Hazel Burt she uses the Ouija board and speaks to the dead and mentioned knowing and seeing how to do witchcraft. We have had nothing but bad luck financially, with work, family and loved ones.

Hazel Burt goes to every extent to hurt my family, Hazel also told my late brother Anthony peters she would never hire him for work again and she never did. Anthony Peters committed suicide after she gave him a hard time. I believe Hazel Burt used witchcraft on my late brother Anthony Peters and his girlfriend heatherXXXXX to kill them.

Anthony was seeing all different kinds of animals by hazels house before he died. Hazel Burt also lives on the same road as us and that evil spirit that killed my brother was seen on our road. I am worried hazel Burt is using witchcraft and evil spirits to hurt my family and we continue to have a hard time. Could you remove any bad luck or spirits from us or witchcraft used on us?

Help us with hazel Burt. I ask you to make hazel hurt have a hard time, make her lose her job, lose all her money, lose her house, lose her son, she needs to learn grief, hardship. She's greedy, mean, hates, use evil spirits against people. Make her go crazy and punish her for using Ouija board for bad and bad witchcraft. Make the dead haunt her for playing with evil. Dear Dr Jjaja Lubaale  I know you are the most powerful psychic medium helped a lot of people here in Canada.


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