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Installing Psychic Spirits

How could Installing spirits benefit Human

 Spirit Guides : This  will help you make contact with your own Spirits to work with your soul to guide you to learn how you could communicate with them.

Remember  your ancestors have lived many ages for lifetimes before you or even before the existence of the earth and gained much wisdom and they would like to share it with you.

Since the world of human fresh started from ADAM and EVE we all inherit the spirit of soul from one way to the other. And without that same spiritual soul , we can't live better life.

Whenever we move or do anything ,the spirit of what am talking about is the one driving us making us perform what we perform on earth.

How Do We End Up Our Life With Wrong Spiritual Soul.

As you you are born from your mother's womb your spiritual soul begins to transform slowly according to the environment and behaviors of your parents. This makes you spirits split into 2 parts of the good and the bad. When you grow up one part of the soul or spirit begins to fade and the other begins to control your body , drives you according to the way you decides to behave in daily life of interests.

Where Do We Get The Good Part Of Spirits?

Whether you like to hear this or not , The spiritual soul of father of your father up to end inline ADAM mixed with the line spiritual soul of mother of your mother up to end inline EVE is what we are talking about.

You really need these spirits to be reinstalled in you to perform wonders. You need them to know and understand the un understandable. You need them by your side to see the invisible. You need them to look for what is far from you. You need them around to reveal what can't be revealed.

How Will You Understand The Spirits Installed Into You?

They usually approach gently in a flash of insight, or they could show themselves to you in many possible forms. Your Spirits Guides are ready and waiting to help and assist you in any way they can. Connect with and develop a working relationship with your Spirit Guides.

Who Needs To Be Equipped With A Spiritual Installations?

Any person who want to become magnetic 

Anyone who would want to become a prophet

Any individual who decide to become a spiritualist

Any person who needs to be equipped with the power of spirits to perform wonders

Most genuine traditional healers are automatically installed when they are born by anointment gifts.

If you want to became a Sangoma , Priest, Native healer by profession , then this will benefit you.

Even if ,You may be there not want to use this super natural power publicly but only for your own private interests.

Anybody who want to use it for business purposes such as trading like magicians.

If you are a politician and you want to play your courier  like a super power , Go for it , because many have done it and succeeded.

You want practice magic or become magician

You may Need Money making Spirits installed in you to become rich more than others. Many people have done it and succeeded.

If you Always want to begin translate Dreams,Future,and Presents

May be to become a Tarot reader, Fortune teller, Voodoolism

If you ever needed to become a divine artist

Even if you always want to begin perform miracle to Your congregations.

And much more concerning spiritual powers........You may need to contact me for more explanations.  Learn More....

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