17 thoughts on “What are the short boys and amayembe spirits do?

  1. those you are talking about are evil spirits , but Short boyz and Amayembe are self improved spirits which are controlled by the fore’father’s ancestors which are good and controlled by them , they can not be rude to clients ,whatever they requires they just come back to us and we provide them.

  2. Hi I would like to know once you use the short boys to bring money in your bank account don’t the short boys worry you. Like while you sleeping.
    And is the money safe to use. What are short boy


      1. Is it true that the short boys are the genies and the genies are dangerous
        When they ask u to do something u gotta do it asap
        Like they always want blood and if u dnt give them wat u
        What they want they can take ur life or family life

    1. , but if you still need help reply me by my private email because this email as the form on the website you filled is not secured it publishes your contact details for anyone to see it on internet.

  3. Hi Doctor
    I was just browsing and checked ur profile. I been everywere
    For help doctors all shown me bags of money
    But I never got it others promised me money to come into my account
    Nothing has happened. One I’m still waiting on him to complete my job its now
    2 months he wants R500 more to see how things are going
    He took a ring from me made me buy washing basket
    And white cloth and gave me to put something inside basket and lock away in draw
    What’s with all these Doctors others want cows want a lot of animals for sacrifice how can you help

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