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Read Something About the Best Spiritual Doctor Dr.lubaale & His Experience.


Visited Communities in America Almost Every 2 Percent Of The American Populations Were Helped By This Noble Spiritual Healer And He’s Well Recognized There.
During His Tour With The Purpose Of Healing , He Visited Many Place Such As New York,Chicago,Alabama,California,Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhodes Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming And Many More. As a spiritual healer, Dr Jjaja Lubaale has managed to receive a warm welcome from many people across the global world.

United Kingdom Crusade:

Healing Crusade in UK 1990 During the 1990s, spiritual healing was not so commonly known in the United Kingdom. When Dr Lubaale visited London he decided to perform a stage of the spiritual magic crusade, a show which attracted many people of the kingdom. They were amazed to see how best is African healing spiritual power. When performed his magic spiritual powers, he managed to heal most of the people immediately, Then the people of the United Kingdom land began to recognize him as one of the best spiritual healers ever known on the land.

Won Awards:

Total of More than 20 Awards”]1995, Since 1995 Doctor Lubaale has won many awards and titles. Voted for the top best spiritual doctor Of The Year in 2000 in Windhoek-Botswana, Best ritualism spiritual healer 2005 Ontario-Canada, Top best traditional healer based in Cape Town-South Africa 2010. And many more. He’s also a proud Winner of the Entire African Council for Traditional healer’s Award for Lifetime Achievement and he’s the announced winner for the most visited psychic doctor award on the African continent according to testimonies. He also won the title of Professor, prophet, Doctor, Priest and all the time best spiritual healer with a lot of spirits many more.

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