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Many people out there get confused and end up asking the wrong people who give the wrong impression of this type of work. THerefore our FAQ page intended to give all the rights and freedom to ask doctor Lubaale the pressing questions that bother the minds. Now that you have found the rightful spiritual doctor to answers your questions, Then ask all your questions no matter it concerns small or big issues.

No am neither God nor Prophet but am only a messenger to the spirits of ancestors representing between spirits and human. I connect the human being with the spiritual ancestor.

Yes. My spiritual work is completely guaranteed to every level. When you come to me, i do my level best to do the process of helping you in whatever manner ,no matter how hard it may be. And if the work fail in whatever reason may be i totally do a refund to my clients to keep the trust.

Yes. I can help you wherever you are located as long as you send me your picture, date of birth, address and other relevant particulars which I will use to rectify the problem and those are the details used in performing rituals in your behalf in the process while you wait.

Well. I can also help you because I ask for your photo, name, birth date, address which identifies you and I use by the shrine to represent you instead. The rituals I do would have been done by a client him/herself. But because of none can do it, then I do it on behalf of a client which is the reason why that person has to pay money for the requirements and my services too.

Well, some cases fail for many reasons because, not everyone can afford expenses fa or the services.S secondly many people like to negotiate for a lower fee amount other than the one you have quoted. In that case, the healer himself find in a position that he can not obtain all the equipment required for operating the job. But this top spiritual doctor tries to do all the best he can to find alternative solutions to make sure no cases fail by him.

Definitely the spirits am using are good because they are my forefathers. The spirits of my ancestors such as those of my grandparents which i inherited and it came through generations passed before me and when i die it will be passed to my children also to use it. Those parents we traditional healers. You can't use spirits which we not gifted to heal , that is why you find many people claim to be healers but they can not do what i do.

Of Course am a Muslim by a religion and all my parents were Muslims, but religions has nothing to do with this work am doing because I'm just healing people with in any kind of spiritual areas and with the guidance of my forefathers ancestors. I therefore do believe in my religion as a Muslim and my father had a title of sheik. So everything i do is not against anyone's religion and cultures. Thank you to ask questions.

Yes, Many ask questions about this. But I Am fully licensed and documented for every work I do. I hold all the required and necessary licenses for my healing work. My work is accredited and registered by National Council for spiritual traditional healer’s association.

Yes. I charge the work because this spiritual healing work involves buying tools or materials such as offering sacrifices of live animals whilst we use some of the money you pay to buy that. That is the reason we ask for money but this work would have been for free of charge.

After everything, he is paid for and in time, the process will be done successfully, the results must be obtained within the same day or from 1-3 days or a week the depends on the quantity of the work needs to be done.

I have the highest price, the age of confirmed succeeded clients in the whole country and internationally. Definitely, my success rate is almost 110% because most people who agreed to pay for every needed material, They are getting successfully get full results.

There many kind of spirits or in other words you can say many types of spirits. 1.there are spirits of alive creatures such as animals, human being and others because every creature has spirit. When that creature dies. the body peels out and it's spirit remains somewhere existing. 2. There are spirits are physical existed or created by God as he created other creatures and those spirits doesn't have bodies. examples:) we know Angels and other unknown spirits,God is also a spirit. Therefore conclusively a spirit is something which is unseen but exists everywhere into places.

The spirits am using belongs to both categories because i use the spirits of my dead parents (ancestors) and i use the spirits of animals and i use the spirits of those created before and existed as spirits. such as angels and many more unseen illusions of spirits from God .

Yes. Am qualified to do this work of spiritual healing work though i didn’t attend high school education level. This work is not about attending high school education because it’s only a natural gift born work whereby it depends 100% on spirits and am being guided by the spirits of the forefathers and they are the spirits who are in control of my work.

When you come to me I begin the process of performing a free reading to analyze your problems to see how it has affected you. This helps me to dig deep inside you your problems and find out the quantity of the job need to be done and what requirement will be consumed. Then I charge you according to what we need to buy as tools for the work.

Yes. I visit clients who are not able to visit my place. If you want help from your residential home without visiting me ,you just prepare transport for me with the payment for the services you need and you give me a directions then i come to you by scheduled appointments only.

Am sorry that I do not work first and then you pay because the spiritual healing work involves some money in terms of buying materials or tools for funding the process.T hat serves the reason why it is difficult to promise that I can work first and then you pay later. It's meaningless because i can't pay for anyone's work while this work is so tiresome.

The spirits am using belongs to both categories because I use the spirits of my dead parents, I use the spirits of animals and i use the spirits of those created before and existed as spirits. such as angels,and spirits of God.

Absolutely no! it's a no because Satan or demons or evil are those dangerous resistant types of spirits which are protested away from the good spirits when they decided to become enemies of the universe and an enemy to God himself. They were cursed and they vowed to remain resistant to everything until the day of judgment waiting for their fate of punishments. Therefore i can not use such. Moreover, for them have limited powers and they are totally violent one to everything. All the good spirits am using are against it and we are fighting and prevent them all the time.

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